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This Week's Update (November 13)

Hello, Raiders!

Here are this week's updates -



The Sycamore Youth Tournament is this Sunday at Sycamore High School, 7400 Cornell Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio

If your child is attending the tournament, they will have needed to weigh in and pay at Tuesday's practice (no exceptions).

See the Youth Tournament Page for the Sycamore flyer.


In case you didn't receive a singlet at Tuesday's practice, we will be handing out singlets tonight (Thursday).

We do require a $50 check deposit. Please make the check payable to Gray Wrestling.

The check will only be cashed if the singlet is NOT returned at the end of the Wrestling Season.

When you return the singlet at our End of Season Banquet, we will return the check back to you.


Every week we will showcase 4 Wrestlers in our Raider Ring on our website/Facebook page.

They will be acknowledged for their hard work, good sportsmanship, accomplishment at a Tournament, etc.

Please have your child stop by our table & see Brittany so she can get a quick picture.

(If you do not want your child on Facebook or our Website, please let her know.)


Please mark your calendars for December 1.

We will need all hands on deck to make this a successful event.

There will be a sign up coming out next week, so watch for that.

Also, we do have some used wrestling shoes & head gear that have been donated.

If you would like to check it out, please stop by the table & help yourself!

Have a great week!

We Are Raider Youth Wrestling!


We help grow today's youth and inspire them to become great people while introducing them to the world's oldest competitive sport, Wrestling.  Our goal is for every child to experience personal growth and development in many areas while incrementally building their skills and abilities in the sport of wrestling.  

We use our experience working with youth wrestlers and athletes to instill desirable personal traits and character while fostering a love for wrestling.  We work hard at practice learning the fundamentals of wrestling but also have a ton of fun bonding and developing relationships on and off the mat.   

Our team is recognized as the largest and premier youth club in Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area.  We compete in a variety of events around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky during our seasonal tournaments and wrap up the team season with the Kentucky Youth State Tournament.  Many of our graduates have gone on to win State and National titles at the Youth, Middle School, and High School levels!  While several have been fortunate to receive Collegiate Scholarships with great programs or continue wrestling internationally, almost all of our wrestlers have grown into great men or women that are quick to share fond memories of their time within our program.      

If you believe your child could benefit from our program and you would be interested in learning more about us please don't hesitate in reaching out or coming to a practice to give it a chance.  We love hearing how so many newcomers unexpectedly fall in love with the sport and program.